A conversion of the classic arcade game
A sliding puzzle game based on classic loading screens
A new conversion from the original Videopac game
two classic arcade games in one!
An updated version of the Atarisoft ZX Spectrum Release
A new modification of an 80s classic
A simple POK patch to allow redefineable keys in JetPac
A conversion of the Vic-20 game for the ZX Spectrum
A graphical update to the classic 80s game for the ZX Spectrum
The latest version of my update to Jonathan Cauldwell's Arcade Game Designer
Graphical mods for the ZX Spectrum game Airwolf plus as 128k music version
Terrapins / Roust / Space Invagders
A selection of downloadable demos featured on my Youtube channel
Benny Hill's Madcap Chase, now with 128k music
Classic 80s arcade action for the ZX Spectrum