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UPDATE - there was a bug in this patch which causes the game to crash at screen 11, when the large explosion takes place. It has now been fixed.

As well as patches, this zip now contains a version of Airwolf for the 128k Spectrum which features AY Sound courtesy of some fantastic work by David Saphier. Putting AY sound into a game that was never designed for it is a really tricky feat to pull off, and David has done a great job getting it as good as it can be.

The game is provided as a free download as it is currently available for free on World of Spectrum, and is therefore assumed to be abandonware. We are not charging, or making any money whatsoever from this release.

There are also 2 patches for anyone who wants to change the original game without adding the music. One is for a more realistic looking helicopter that is truer to the TV show, and the other is a fun mod for a tiny helicopter which makes the game a little more forgiving. Hope you enjoy them!

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Instructions are provided in the zip file.