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Don Priestley's 1985 game can now be played with the appropriate music, making it infinitely more fun to play. As far as I am aware, this title is now Public Domain and as such is made available here free of charge.

Special thanks to David Saphier for adding  the music to the game, and creating the TAP file. All I did was suggest it be done!

Thanks also to Sergey Kaminsky, who converted the theme to AY, and to Boots Randolph and Spider Rich, composers of the original music, 'Yakety Sax'.

Whilst this game is playable in standard 3.5mhz mode, it is far, far better if played with an emulator that can increase the clock speed to 7mhz or 14mhz.

Install instructions

The zip file includes a TAP and TZX file which can be loaded into an emulator or converted for use on a real Spectrum.


bennyhill128k.zip 48 kB

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