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Manic Miner: Trick or Treat is a Halloween Mod for the original Matthew Smith classic. It can be played on any emulator or machine that supports ULAplus, an enhanced colour mode that is available on some emulators, clones and the ZX Spectrum Next. It will not work on a regular Spectrum.

This mod adds a  flashlight effect to the game that gives it quite the spooky atmosphere. Two versions are available - the classic pumpkin version and the lurid green 'Silver Shamrock' edition. Each includes different music that was converted by Pedro Pimenta.

Instructions on how to get the game running properly on an emulator  are available in this video.

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ManicMinerTrickorTreatAY.zip 32 kB

Install instructions

load the TAP file into a compatible emulator or machine, see the video above


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Hello, I love your work.  Do you have a discord server or are you on any spectrum discord servers?  Thanks

Hi there - thanks for the kind words. I did set up a discord server for my patreon supporters, but it's not very active currently. I also have a facebook group - www.facebook.com/groups/happycodingzx  if that helps? also I am coding live on twitch, www.twitch.tv/happycodingzx if you're interested. Best wishes, Allan

Awesome game with the cool "light" effect. Thanks!

great atmosphere. I got as far as Eugine's lair. Its pot luck getting past that stage as you can't see Eugene to time your run. Cool Mod, in any case.

ULAplus version:

Nice version!

Nice version ! As always pretty difficult game.

great fun. had a blast playing the pumpkin version

These were worth being on the Pateron for...