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JetPac RX is my own personal take on Ultimate Play the Game's classic JetPac for the ZX Spectrum.  The core gameplay is still there, but dozens of modifications have been made, with many more planned. Updates include additional details to the graphics, new gameplay mechanics, particle effects and much more. 

Like many, I'm finding things tough financially at the moment so I've included the option to make a tip / donation. This is not so much for the patch, but for those who wish to show their appreciation and encourage me to continue the work that I do. Those that donate will receive updates and enhanced versions of the game in future. If you yourself are struggling however,  don't feel obliged.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed all the hours I have put into it.

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Hello, fuse emulator dont run this format, can help? Thanks

I have a video that might help

where can i download the jetpac rx-81 from? :)

I believe it was sent out to everyone who donated when downloading the main version, and to my patreon supporters. If you are a supporter then drop me a line.

Thanks, I found that mail. :)

Great mod! Having trouble saving as a tap though... Patches apply fine game works as it should, but says that the tap is not modified, and if I save it as a new tap it's the unpatched version! Latest version of FUSE.  Any ideas.? 

best I can suggest is this video:

Happy to pay a few quid for this great mod. I'm lazy and don't have an Emulator set up at the moment, but the POK files work great on the Next. I couldn't figure out how to save a TAP file, but it saved a SNA, which works fine.


Thanks for this amazing mod. Looking forward to the Next version!

Just bought and downloaded this... can't wait to play. This was one of my favourite games, and the Spectrum was my first computer back in the day. Thank you for taking the time and love to update this :-)

very happy that you are enjoying it. You can look forward to the 128k version coming later this year.

Oh is the 128K version out?

sorry, been working on other things but will be coming back to it!

Don't be sorry :-) Look forward to it when it is ready.

Paid for this, for a few quid it's a no brainer. Thanks.

Thank you for all the work you put into this and the clear instructions on applying the patch and creating a full working version afterwards. Now what was this about a 128K version ?  :)

I wonder what you could do with a Spectrum Next...

thanks! There is a plan for the 128k version, I'm just taking my time as I'm a bit Jetpacced out now as you might imagine. A Next enhancement is also in the works.

Fantastic ! Of course that does mean that straight away I'm interpreting that as "no attribute clash on the Next"...  anything else is a bonus. It looks like the project refresh is in safe hands - take your time.

Just donated and patched everything. Works GREAT! I'm enjoying it quite a bit. Saved it as a TAP per your video and play it on original 48K. Good stuff!

good to know, I'm happy you're enjoying it, you can look forward to the 128k version.

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This is soooooooooooooo good. Love the improved graphic and audio effects, and the extra elements such as smart bombs, limited air, collecting the letters. The ship lift off and landing, and the changing platform positions. All very slick. So much better than the original, breathes a whole new lease of life into the game. Skillful use of the colour pallet also. Ultimate Play the Game would be Prou..... no Jealous! lol

thankyou so much, I'm really happy you are enjoying it, a lot of care went into it so it's nice to be appreciated.