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Chez Maxime is a French game published in 1983 for the Phillips Videopac, also known as the Magnavox Odyssey 2, a console first released in 1978. The game was 'rediscovered' by the ARG presents Youtube channel as a hidden gem, and this is the first time this obscure but delightful little game is playable on any other system for a wider audience to enjoy.

As always, this game is free to those who support me on Patreon. If you would like to join you will get access to my full back catalogue as part of the subscription.


The zip has been updated to include a version that supports ULAplus - the changes aren't dramatic but the background colours are set to be a little darker to enhance the foreground sprites.

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Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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I keep coming back to your version, I would like to ask if you would mind if I made a version for AMIGA, or maybe you want to participate, I can also do it very differently, if you don't want imitators.

Some of my work COCO BANANA. INCA MAN and Mission the Moon (Spanish) luiscoco on itchio mision-la-luna I can't place the links, youtube deletes them, even if it uses the word d.o.t

I've never heard of this game or this port before. Is this compatible with the 48K?

I have updated the game to work on 48k yes, I'll upload it soon.

Great game, really enjoyed it

thanks! much appreciated.

I did not know the original game, it is a great version, very fun and playable. Thanks for this game!

you're welcome!

nice Game,  could you make a NES-port(Version)?

unfortunately I'm not well versed in 6502, but it would make a nice NES game for sure. I might do something for the Spectrum Next

I love classic arcade style, and your art is pretty cool.

Very nice and funny game!


Cracking game. It's amazing to see how much personality you added from the (understandably) simplistic Videopac original - that i'd never heard of until now.

Looks great.  Good job