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Perils of Willy ZX is a conversion of the Vic-20 game released in 1984.

This is a full, complete game , all levels from the original are here, but the game may be subject to change. Therefore you are welcome to play it, write reviews and make 'lets play' videos but I would appreciate it if you do not make full 'walkthrough' videos for now as it may not reflect the final game.

Also included in the zip are a number of bonus games, I hope you enjoy them.

And if you donated, thanks so much for your support.

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Published 19 days ago


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This is a lovely conversion, a joy to play with great level layouts which I had fun working out. I've never played the original, but can never turn down a proper retro ZX Spectrum Willy game. I did a video of it on the The Retro Engine channel: 

A very nice game, fun to play! An important addition to the world of Willy on the ZX Spectrum :).

The game has been added to the list of games on JSW Central and has its own page there as well, with a complete screenshot gallery.

Two questions, please:

1. Is "Highriser" the name of the publisher (like Software Projects Ltd. used to be) or rather the author's nickname? Should it always be spelled with lower case "h" (so "highriser") by any chance?

2. Information on the web states that the original VIC-20 game had 33 screens. This version has 32. Is one screen missing or is there some confusion (like the title screen was counted for the VIC-20 one, or something)?

Thank you for this great port!

1) I use the nickname 'Highrise' - this wasn't available on itch.io so I used Highriser - but it's just my personal nickname.
2) The original Vic game has 32 screens. The listing of 33 in the advertising was either a mistake, or they advertised it as having 33 and just ran out of space, I'm not sure which.

by the way, the game is written using a reverse engineering version of the Manic Miner engine which is modified to use the different sized screens.

Thank you for this info! I will modify the pertinent information on JSW Central tomorrow.

thanks. I am now also updating the downloadable zip file here to include 'Manic Miner Presto' which is a variant of Manic Miner that runs faster.

Terrific port. Given the importance music plays in the game's plot, though, it'd be nice to have a version with AY music...

that may well happen in the future - my priority for now was to have a 48k version working perfectly.

Nice Job, took nearly 40 years, but finally the collection is complete.