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As possibly the first commercial arcade game released for the ZX Spectrum, Space Raiders remains a much loved conversion of the arcade classic. However it did not support Joystick controls - until now.

Following a request from one of my kind patreon supporters, and using Derek Fountain's disassembly of the game as a base, I've coded an update that fixes this issue.

When the game starts, you can now press keyboard fire to start a game with keyboard controls, or the Kempston fire button to use the joystick.

This mod is a free gift to the community but I have plenty more -I hope you'll consider supporting my work by joining my patreon at
where you will get all the work I do, including all my full games as well as the chance to make suggestions just like this one.

UPDATE - This package now includes the bonus game 'This Week In Retro Raiders', a small tribute to the TWiR Podcast.


SpaceRaiders.tap 46 kB
TWiR_Raiders.tap 46 kB

Install instructions

This is a TAP file that can be loaded into an emulator or on real hardware using an appropriate device.


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