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Hi. Any chance of rechecking recent (well, May 1st) donators again? :) Thanks!

will do!

Excellent game. By the way, is there any chance for recent donators of getting the 128k version?. That would be great :-)

hi, yes, I will check the recent donators and send it out.

Thank you. Looking forward for that version then :-). Thanks!

hello. congrats for the great job! I was on the way to finish the game, creating snapshots at every stage I managed to walkthrough. I reached at level 25. The level is impossible to pass. The note at the right bottom of the screen is impossible to reach. Please, have a look. 

I can guarantee you that we have tested all the levels and they are possible. 

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please have another look. Unless a bug has been created by the successive snapshots I've made in order to reach that level, it is trivial to see that when the level starts, the cars are synchronised in a way that makes it impossible to reach to the note at the right bottom of the screen. If you jump, then there is no way back. either I don't see something obvious (well, I repeated a lot of times before deciding to comment) or the level needs a slight modification. It's a pity I cannot upload a video here to show you exactly what I mean. (check your messenger inbox)

We used testers for every level, and the game has been completed by others. It's been a while but I had a look for you - when the level starts, I believe it's possible to stand at the left side in an precise position and not be hit by the train which will turn around and you can follow it, and then jump over it to collect the item.


ok, I checked it. At the start of the level, move to the left and hide at the edge. The train will approach and turn away. Now follow the train until you reach the middle of the screen. When the train comes back, jump up, without moving forward - just a straight jump up. If you time it correctly, the train will go under you and you will not be hit. Now go and collect the item. Wait here for the train to return, it will not hit you in the far corner. Follow the train again and use the same trick, jump straight up and not forward, and you will get past it.

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I made it at last! Thank you for wasting your time on this. The crucial point was the precise position you have to have at the left side when the level begins. I had not realised that one does not only have to drag Willy to the left, but as soon as he reaches the wall, to give him an instantaneous move on the right, so that he faces the train. This trick makes him hide from it. 38 years of paying Manic Miner and it's now that I realised that point. Thanks again!

I cant get Perils of Willy to work!!!

Yes i'm shit on computers by the way.

Any help is greatly appreciated.....please!!!

it's a tap file that you load into a zx spectrum emulator such as FUSE.

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Is there a poke for the bog roll edition please

did you try the pokes on the Tipshop? I think the same pokes should work as it's only a change in sprites.

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I need more lives PLEEEEEEEASSSEEEEE lol.......I'm on the Bog Roll edition

there are pokes available online... try the

Hi, love the game hence the donation to say thanks. This game feels like proper Jet Set Willy canon. There's something about the stripped back design and rock hard gameplay which is totally authentic. Plus that bit where Willy dances about to Immigrant Song put a massive smile on my face!

I heard a little rumour that there is a 128k AY version floating about... 

yes, I'm sorry, I meant to send out an update of this to recent donors, sorry about the delay! Glad you are enjoying the game.

This is a lovely conversion, a joy to play with great level layouts which I had fun working out. I've never played the original, but can never turn down a proper retro ZX Spectrum Willy game. I did a video of it on the The Retro Engine channel: 

And the 128K version PLUS version with AY music - this really ups the ante, adding more atmosphere to the game.  

A very nice game, fun to play! An important addition to the world of Willy on the ZX Spectrum :).

The game has been added to the list of games on JSW Central and has its own page there as well, with a complete screenshot gallery.

Two questions, please:

1. Is "Highriser" the name of the publisher (like Software Projects Ltd. used to be) or rather the author's nickname? Should it always be spelled with lower case "h" (so "highriser") by any chance?

2. Information on the web states that the original VIC-20 game had 33 screens. This version has 32. Is one screen missing or is there some confusion (like the title screen was counted for the VIC-20 one, or something)?

Thank you for this great port!

1) I use the nickname 'Highrise' - this wasn't available on so I used Highriser - but it's just my personal nickname.
2) The original Vic game has 32 screens. The listing of 33 in the advertising was either a mistake, or they advertised it as having 33 and just ran out of space, I'm not sure which.


by the way, the game is written using a reverse engineering version of the Manic Miner engine which is modified to use the different sized screens.

Thank you for this info! I will modify the pertinent information on JSW Central tomorrow.

thanks. I am now also updating the downloadable zip file here to include 'Manic Miner Presto' which is a variant of Manic Miner that runs faster.

Terrific port. Given the importance music plays in the game's plot, though, it'd be nice to have a version with AY music...

that may well happen in the future - my priority for now was to have a 48k version working perfectly.

Nice Job, took nearly 40 years, but finally the collection is complete.