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Really love this, it's an act of love, and I really dig it, but I really wish you added some AY music to the game itself and some new sounds.

thanks, I was still learning my trade when I did this mod so I might just take a look at doing that.

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The best version of Bruce Lee for ZX Spectrum. Keep on doing your best !

I really loved this game back in the day, and this RX version makes it perfect. The original suffered from being a bit too finniky with collision and playability. The graphics were on the bland (somewhat) side. The graphics in THIS version are brilliant, a real improvement. Playability has been improved in the way the character moves and jumps and the interaction with the bad guys. I did a liveplay a bit back which included this great example of how to improve on an already great game.

I played this so much back in the day!  Loved it :)

Nice work on this as a fellow Bruce Lee Spectrum fan

thanks, though this is the map of the original game, not my update so not sure why it's here :)