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Fantastic work!! Love it! Thank you for doing this. I have featured it in a few of my vids. :)

A fantastic version of Asteroids for the spectrum next and the spectrum 48k ,128k - YouTube

Episode 4 - Loads of zx Spectrum & NEXT Stuff, Retro & Modern Retro, Community Shoutouts, & more - YouTube

Just wanted to say congrats on an awesome version of one of my favourite arcade classics.

Really done justice to it on both the classic Spectrums as well as the Next.

I covered it in a recent video (jump to 3:16):

The definitive Spectrum version of Asteroids IMO. Thank you! 

thanks! That was my aim when I started.

sam Coupé with external 1mb ram you get full 6mhz 128 colours and 16 on screen anywhere 4bits per pixel give it a go !

Looking to review this for CRASH magazine. Are you able to sent a review copy?

I already sent it to Chris actually

I'm just working a few bonus features, so if you can wait until after the weekend I will send an updated copy to Chris.

I've notified Chris, I guess he will know who you are? I've sent him a copy anyway.

Sorry, meant to reply - yeah we got it (obviously)

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Hi, Highriser. Greetings from ZX Spectrum Star if you wish I can publish a game play of your game. It would be my pleasure to support you. Congratulations for your version is really awesome.